In medtech, the
route to market
is a jungle…

…you need an


Wake up to


Bringing an innovative medtech product to market is an adventure. With all the excitement, but also with all the pitfalls. The smart teams, the ones who inevitably end up with a successful product on the market, know to look around for the most experienced guide in town. One who knows the territory, understands the many languages and customs you’re going to encounter on the way and – above all – someone who will actually get you there.

Founders (usually university-based) understand the science and their tech… but not the market.

Investors, focused on the best ROI, understand due diligence and portfolio management, but rarely have sufficient market or operational knowledge.

And in the route-to-market jungle, not working as a team means death. The ground is littered with ventures that simply ran out of time or money before they reached their destination or exit.

Expert guidance...

… and top-level support for the  entire team, keeping them focused, aligned and motivated. This is what it takes for medtech startups to succeed.

So Bart Hendriks heeded the call and founded The Dawning.

“The moment you step into  healthcare you never want to step out again… because what you do is so meaningful. It gives you so much energy back.”

- Bart Hendriks

For Bart, guiding teams on their medtech adventure is a calling, not just a job. With a background in air-traffic control (cool under fire), Bart soon moved on to industry, where he founded one of Europe’s first e-commerce companies. When he came into contact with the medical world though, he knew that he had found his place. From technology and product development to sales & marketing and management, Bart is a master strategist at every level. Described as a “natural leader” who “gets things done fast and accurately”, his easy-going manner is as motivational as it is reassuring. Having lived and worked around the world, Bart has extensive contacts within the world’s top universities, along with an enviable wider global network.

The Medtech Adventure

Medtech founders,

this is why you need a pathfinder:

  • Great products fail all the time. A world-class network and proven experience in developing, certifying and creating traction for your product are at least as important as your innovation.
  • There is no standard route-to-market. You need someone who can anticipate challenges and interpret the signs in an ever-changing environment.
  • Technicians, academics, bureaucrats, designers, marketeers, investors, business leaders, regulators…. you need someone who speaks all these languages.
  • Your product exists thanks to science. But creativity is what will make it succeed. Get a guide who can weave these two together. Who can think fast and act faster.

Bringing an innovation to market is no easy task.

But Bart makes the complex simple and the impossible possible. Want to emerge from the jungle alive and successful?

Then wake up to The Dawning.


Medtech investors,

This is why you need Bart:

  • Bart provides the guidance, critical insight and motivation, that raises even the most untested of teams to the level of excellence.
  • Bart knows how to maximise the lifeblood of any medtech journey: time and money.
  • Keeping motivation high and the team energised on the route to
    market is a critical factor in medtech success. Bart is a motivator pur sang.
  • Bart has a rich and diverse network (he can make introductions that others can’t).

Bridging what people know and what they don’t know, Bart makes theory, practical… with his sleeves rolled up.

Sometimes there are people that just have that ability to make things work.

If that sounds interesting for your investment, then wake up to The Dawning.


You're in good company.

Listen to those who’ve gone before you:

Bart has all the skills you need in a good leader: laser sharp focus on the bottom line, operational discipline, an entrepreneurial spirit and a pleasant easy-going attitude.

Jack Wolfson
Chairman of the Board
WNS (Holdings) Limited

I have worked with Bart intensively at Bioxydyn where he was the CEO. Bart is one of the most energetic leaders i have had the pleasure of working with. With his open mind and positive attitude, he is a great motivator and guide to staff in all levels of the company.

Chris Huiskamp
Modra Pharmaceuticals

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